Congratulations to Cathy Jo Patterson IMG February Customer Service Superstar

Cathy Jo Patterson has worked at Newton Care Center since March, 2016 as a R.N. Cathy’s positive attitude and eagerness to step in to assist in filling the schedule whether it be as a nurse or giving direct care as needed to assist the C.N.A.’s is something we can always count on. She is ALWAYS so upbeat and energetic.  Even when it is a super rough day with resident needs, she is a pleasure to work around.  Always patient with residents, family and co-workers, has a great attitude and a fun sense of humor.  If I’m having a stressful day, a quick, passing visit with Cathy and my own attitude has improved.  She “goes with the flow” so naturally, and in the LTC profession that is so very important, along with being a good nurse and exhibiting a great deal of compassion when a resident is having a difficult day.  From my office, I can hear a great deal that goes on at the nurse’s station… and the sound of her laughter carries to my desk more than any other sound when she’s working, regardless of how many hours she has worked or how stressful her day is.

Cathy also immediately builds a connection with those residents that are new to the facility.  She provides a comforting base for families who are unsure of the process and routine upon admission.  Her smile and comforting manner has made her the person many of our residents and families seek out when they have questions or concerns.  Cathy does not hesitate to pick up shifts or to assist her fellow workers.  It is her routine to work to fill our schedule in times of need.   She constantly tells us this is where she “belongs”.  She is so much of the reason our nursing department is the “team” they are.  Cathy leads by example and we are so very lucky to have her.  To our residents she is not only the nurse but a friend and confidant.  

Thank you Cathy for making Newton Care Center your work “home”! You truly live our motto of “Resident’s First”.