Susan Martin | IMG December 2016 Customer Service Superstar

Congratulations to Susan Martin!  She is the IMG December 2016 Customer Service Superstar and one special Santa Claus for the Residents!!!

Susan Martin, Edwardsville Nursing and Rehab CNA, we commend and recognize you for your outstanding display of kindness and generous spirit you have shared with the residents. Susan Martin works as a CNA on evenings.  Susan went above and beyond to help make the holiday season extra special for her residents.  She collected Christmas trees and decor’ for the residents on her hall. She provided each room a Christmas tree fully decorated with ornaments and lights. Susan even decorated each resident door with a Christmas stocking. She has spent many hours on her off days gathering gift and donations to decorate the residents room and hall. Susan even baked over 600 cookies and wrapped them individually with a stuffed animal to give to each resident in the facility.  Susan has brought a lot of joy and happiness to many residents. Susan shared, “I just want to do something for the residents and especially because most of the resident don’t get to spend time with their love ones on the holidays.”  Susan is a great example of a Customer Service Superstar!

Thank you Susan for making the holidays extra special for your Residents!