Tammy Oswald and Gary Carlson | IMG August Customer Service Superstars

IMG is excited that we had 2 Superstars for the month of August!  Both stories are very focused on the care of our Residents and lives out our motto of “Residents First!”

Tammy Oswald from Warsaw Meadows 

Congratulations Tammy Oswald from Warsaw Meadows!  You are the IMG August Customer Service Superstar.  Tammy is the Program Director for our Memory Care Unit.  In that role, she is not only a nurse, but Social Services for half of all the residents.  Tammy has been instrumental in the programming we have developed here.  The programming is what separates us from our competitors and allows Warsaw to be known as the premier Dementia Care facility in the region.  Saying that Tammy is fantastic at what she does almost minimize the impact she has here.  Like most everyone, we have been challenged with staffing.  Tammy has not hesitated to pick up shifts at all hours and supplement our floor staff as needed throughout the last six months.  Tammy is more involved with resident’s lives and their loved ones than most anyone here.  She is continuously lauded on our Pinnacle surveys and one of the reasons we carry a 4.44 overall satisfaction through this year.  Her caring, calm demeanor has helped so many residents work through moments of crisis.  Tammy is gentle and professional while helping family members deal with this cruel disease and end of life.   She is always the one we lean on to make those dreaded calls to families when their loved one is declining.  Her work ethic and heart for resident care is exceptional and she is deserving of this recognition.

Thank you, Tammy, for all you do!


Gary Carlson from Keota Health Care

Congratulations also to Gary Carlson from Keota Health Care!  Gary is a CNA and a true expert in his tasks; responsible, disciplined, devoted, and sympathetic.  He has worked in Keota for 9 years and has distinguished himself as an outstanding employee. He constantly provides safe and kindhearted care to our residents and their families. Gary is calm and gentle with his residents and always has a smile on his face. He possesses the ability to understand what his residents are trying to convey to him in order to interpret what they need, how they feel, and what they expect from their daily care. He speaks in clear and compassionate tones and puts residents’ worries at ease. Even the slightest changes in a resident’s behavior or condition, Gary is able to readily recognize by experience and thoughtfulness. Not only does he have compassion and empathy but emotional strength. He is always eager to go a step further than expectations and accordingly has great relations with our residents and their families. Gary is a CNA whom puts the residents before himself at all times, not just the residents he is assigned to, but all the residents in the Heath Care Center. He genuinely cares and wants to make the residents quality of life better each day they are here. It’s the little things that Gary does is what makes the “Big” difference. Gary is a real health advocate for the people he cares for.  In addition, Gary possesses a passionate willingness to accept new ideas and learn new techniques that aid in providing exceptional care.   He is flexible, skilled and a dedicated CNA.

Thanks Gary for putting our Residents First!