Our Employees Are Talking

"The company always gives incentives to staff and allows us to have fun. They are not stuffed suits and very approachable. It is a honor to work for a company that values their employees."
"It is a pleasure to work for a company that is committed to providing quality health care. We are afforded the necessary tools to be successful."
"I have never worked for a company that has such compassion and understanding and that truly puts the Residents first. Too often a Resident first philosophy is just preached and not practiced. That is not the case with IMG! I have never been so happy, so content or so satisfied professionally. Thank you for the opportunity to work for you."
Community Liaison Director
"It is refreshing to work for an owner that puts such high priority on patient care and employee's well-being."
Social Services
"We enjoy working for IMG for several reasons. When Mark took over our facility in 2005 we were floundering. The facility was in need of supplies, equipment, and we weren't sure our payrolls would keep being covered. Within a short time, Mark had us on our feet again because of the supportive staff he brought into the facility. The transition was smooth and we finally saw that someone cared about the Residents as well as the employees. Now our reputation has improved and our staff feels secure in their positions. Families were once again confident in the care we could provide to their loved ones. We are proud to be part of the IMG team."