HIPAA Compliance and What it Means for Our Residents

In an effort to protect patients' privacy in our modern electronic age, Congress passed HIPAA legislation into law in 1996. The HIPAA Privacy Rule, effective April 14, 2003, is intended to protect the privacy of our residents through increased accountability, privacy and security.

The Privacy Rule established a foundation for Federal protections for the privacy of Protected Health Information (PHI). The HIPAA Security Rule, effective April 20, 2005, brought more clarity and focus to the Privacy Rule and requires protection of PHI in electronic formats.

Compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule is required for certain Ide Management Group communities and offices because they transmit resident health information electronically related to health care claims, payment or coordination of benefits. (See IMG's Privacy Statement regarding electronic communications.) They are called "Covered Entities." If you have any questions regarding our facilities and compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, please contact our Compliance Hotline at 1-888-244-3735.

Notice of Privacy Practices:

Ide Management Group takes resident privacy very seriously and strives to adhere to the spirit and the letter of The Privacy and Security Rule. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Notice of Privacy Practices, please feel free to contact our Compliance Hotline at 1-888-244-3735.