Business Office Manager of the Year 2017 | Trudy Mackey

Trudy Mackey, North Logan

What could one say or do to describe the very person that helps keep our building afloat? Trudy Mackey a super star in her own self. Strong willed knowledgeable and always ready to teach others the right way to go. Trudy has been employed with us for all of 9 years and what an impact she has had on our building. Whether it be staying over extra hours to make sure that our finances are kept in order or if she is checking on our residents and providing them with every cent that they desire, Trudy excels in everything she does. There have been times that the administrator has to beg her to take vacation days off to relax and regroup. Trudy always makes it her business to be prompt and accurate. During the rough transition that North Logan went through on this year, Trudy was one of the few people that stayed strong and kept our foundation from falling through the cracks. To vouch for a few people in the facility she has went over and beyond to make sure that the administrator, and new human resources staff knew what to do and who to call on if they had any hiccups. To say the least she has the very best interest for every department head present. At no time has there been any doubt that she was ever in capable of holding down such an important role within this facility. So to say the least Trudy Mackey is a one of kind, true superstar and we are honored to have her as one of our own.