Community Liaison Director of the Year 2017 | Katie Kuhn

Katie Kuhn, Newton Iowa

There are very few individuals who can say they have held a multitude of positions within not just one building, but two, throughout their longevity with IMG.

Starting with IMG 6yrs ago, Katie Kuhn brought a zest of energy and spunk to her role as AP and receptionist at Urbandale Healthcare center. Known for her teamwork and willingness to take on any challenge, Katie quickly became a leader within her team and building. She could be relied upon to help in the liaison role as needed, with finances and budgeting, and on the floor helping as she could in the dining room or at activities. There wasn't anything Katie wouldn't jump in and help with. She helped keep Urbandale a successful building during her time there. After 5yrs of being a leader in that building, she was called upon to help at her sister facility in Newton, Iowa, filling in as liaison temporarily. Her Regional Director of Business, Courtney, says she had no doubts Katie could do it "It was never a second thought, I turned to Katie as soon as I needed help and she stepped up as she always does."

After a few months of filling in as liaison, census at Newton Health Care jumped dramatically and they were sitting at capacity regularly. In addition to that, Katie embraced the community of Newton tremendously and brought innovative ideas and events to the building and to the team. When it came time to fill the role, no one thought twice about asking Katie to take it on permanently. In her year as liaison at Newton Health Care, Katie has kept the facility at or just under capacity. They are consistently at the top of the list for meeting census goals and are now considered the go to place for the community when they need it as well. The social workers at the hospital describe Katie as their go to lady!

When we say that Katie takes on anything with ambition, we mean it. Recently a time came where Newton needed an interim administrator, and when her regional team turned to Katie for help she jumped right in. While she will tell you that being an administrator is not a goal of hers, she took the role like a true professional and leader when her building needed help. She kept the building in tip top shape during the transition while still managing all her liaison roles and duties none of which suffered during that time.

Katie is an exemplary employee who does not know what it means to say no. She will take on any challenge presented to her and doesn't shy away from anything new. She has helped make not one, but two buildings a success in her time with IMG, which is why we are proud to nominate her for Community Liaison Director of the Year.