Congratulations to Andrea Crosley, LPN at Cloverleaf | March IMG Superstar

Nurses have very demanding lives; working with doctors, taking care of our patient’s needs, while educating their families and our communities.   These are just a few of the responsibilities that our nurses perform on a daily basis. What’s even harder than being a great nurse, is finding a great nurse that does all of this with a smile on her face.  Well, the residents and staff feel they found a nurse who does all of this with a smile on her face, and they nominated Andrea Crosley.  Andrea has worked here at Cloverleaf since 2011 as an LPN and works on the Rehab to Home Wing. This unit is our “Busiest Wing” and is very fast paced with all of the phone calls, paperwork, new orders and daily admissions.  Andrea has been nominated for Customer Service Super Star Award by her residents.  There has never been a day that Andrea isn’t smiling, in fact, her laughter is larger than life and it is very infectious and contagious to all around her.  Well Several people voted for Andrea and one of Andrea’s patients said, “I love Andrea because she gives me just the right dose of medicine I need every morning to start my day out right.  Andrea’s smile is the first thing I see when I wake up and she is smiling at me, AND THAT’S THE GREATEST MEDICINE ANYONE CAN EVER GET.”  He goes onto to say, “If it weren’t for my morning dose of “smiles” from Andrea, then my day just wouldn’t be complete and she always has time for me no matter how busy her day is and she makes me feel as if I’m the only one here!”  When asking Andrea about why she is always so happy and full of smiles all of the time; she had this to say, “I love my job and it comforts me in knowing that I can make such a difference in the lives that I touch here at Cloverleaf and I wouldn’t have it any other way; this is my family away from home and they are as close to me as my own family at home is.  Dr. Johnson, our medical director states, “He knows that his patients are getting the very best care they can get because Andrea always goes above and beyond her duty to being a nurse.  He tells us that he has witnessed Andrea on several occasions going out of her way to remember patients on their birthdays with cards, candies,   balloons, and of course her always shining smile.” Andrea’s coworkers tell us, “She can turn a bad day in a great day with all of her smiles, her kindness, her warmth and her generosity towards others.” The residents and staff at Cloverleaf already know that Andrea is a Super Star, we just want the rest of IMG to understand why she is a Super Star!

Thank you Andrea for your smile, kindness and dedication to brighten the Residents’ and the staff’s day at Cloverleaf!