Congratulations to Ernest Clark | IMG July Customer Service Superstar

Congratulations to Ernest Clark, Environmental Services Director, at Woodland Manor … you are the July IMG Customer Service Superstar!

Ernest is our Environmental Director , he is truly here for the residents and the betterment of the facility. Ernest has been heard on more than one occasion stating that what he does is about the residents and he wants to make the facility a better and prettier place for the residents. He takes pride in the work that he does.  He never procrastinates to get work started and completed with great results. Recently he was asked to make the courtyard “camera ready” for a commercial shoot taking place at the facility.  The courtyard had been neglected for some time and was not an easy job.  Ernest was seen cutting the courtyard grass at 6AM in the rain to ensure it looked it’s best.  He also put his own spin on decorating the courtyard to ensure it was an inviting space that residents and their families could finally enjoy.  When someone asks Ernest if something could be fixed, he will always answer with “anything can be fixed.”  He doesn’t shy away from any project or just rely on outside contractors to do his job.  Ernest has provided positive energy and motivation to our team to help them understand that part of being resident first is taking pride in the way their home is presented.  Ernest makes the facility more like home every day for our residents and we feel blessed to have him on the team.  He continues to improve the quality of life for our residents here at Woodland Manor one nail, one a/c unit, and one bag of mulch at a time.

Thank you Ernest for the difference you have made already at Woodland Manor!