Congratulations to Monte Bird | IMG June Customer Service Superstar

Congratulations to Monte Bird, bus driver for Sigourney and Keota, for being awarded the IMG June Customer Service Superstar! Monte Bird takes double duty driving the bus for both Sigourney and Keota. He started out as a volunteer and we quickly realized what a valuable employee he would be. Monte always went above and beyond as a volunteer and that hasn't changed since becoming an employee. Monte takes care of our transportation needs for our residents, both for any appointments and for fun outings. Monte has made himself available for us on short notice, and is NEVER too busy to stop and make a resident smile!

Monte takes pride in driving our residents. He makes sure the van is always in top condition, looks sharp, and provides plenty of air conditioning for its riders. He has not only driven residents to activities, but has taken the time to participate in them as well. He gets to know each and every one of our residents, which can be a lot – considering he drives for both facilities and the assisted living. You will find him dressing up for theme or fun days as well as maybe sitting with a resident who needs a little 1:1 attention.

A co-worker had this to say about Monte: "In my time here, he has been so accommodating, polite, and resident oriented. Never does he say he is busy, doesn't have the time, or shows frustration with the heat, the task, or the delays that we often make for him. I think he goes above and beyond and then still gives more. He recently donated out of his own pocket the 'suggested donation' for our residents to go to the museum in Sigourney. Because of his humbleness, his good deeds are not always noticed or heard about. Even when I call him at 9 pm—he is there for our residents."

Thank you Monte for living our mission of Residents First!