Congratulations to Octavia Jackson | IMG October Customer Service Superstar

Octavia Jackson goes way above and beyond her normal CNA duties.  Debbie Martin, our DON, nominated Octavia as our October Superstar. 

Dorothy, one of our residents, had two members of her church coming to get her for services on 10/14/2017.  Dorothy is the oldest member of her church.  Octavia went shopping and purchased Dorothy a dress, perfume, and shoes.  Octavia did that with her own money.  She wanted to make sure Dorothy looked nice for the church service.  She also wanted to make sure Dorothy felt as special as everyone thought she was.  Octavia didn't stop there.  She continued going even more above and beyond.  On October 14th, Octavia came in early to get Dorothy dressed.  She also took the time to do Dorothy's hair.  Octavia did this on her own time. 

Thank you so much Octavia for always making our residents feel special.  Now it is our turn to make you feel special.  We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.  Thank you for going above and beyond.  Thank you for always having a smile.  We are so glad to have you on our Madison team. 

IMG appreciates you Octavia for going the extra mile for our Residents and we thank you!