Customer Service Superstar of the Year 2017 | Sam Conner


Sam Conner, Cloverleaf

Cloverleaf’s Health Care in Knightsville, Indiana would like to nominate CNA, Sam Conner,  for IMG customer service superstar 2017.  Sam Conner is a CNA who has worked at Cloverleaf for 6 years.   Sam has been nominated for her supporting role to a resident who has a rare neurological disease that has affected not just the resident herself but also has affected the resident’s family too.  It is often said that working with the elderly “requires the patience of a saint.”   When in reality it requires compassion, humanity, kindness and the patience of a saint.   Well, Cloverleaf, has a CNA whom residents, staff and family believe fits that description and they all equally agree that Sam Conner should be nominated for her outstanding work and dedication to a resident who has a rare disease known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.   Since the progression of this disease the resident has lost all of her vision and has completely lost her ability to verbalize with words.  After being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, the resident decided to take a crash course in sign language because she knew there would be a time in the future where she wouldn’t be able to verbalize her needs.  When it came time for staff to learn the basics of sign language; it was Sam Conner who first grabbed onto the use of sign language and rose to the top of the class with her newly taught skill.   Currently, our resident is no longer able to use sign language to communicate even the simplest of things which rest of us take for granted.   The disease has progressed to the point that the muscles in her hands are so weak that she unable to use sign language anymore to let her needs be known.   It is here where the real relationship begins for these two women.  Their relationship goes way beyond the use of sign language and verbal communication.  Their relationship is built purely on trust, admiration, respect and love for each other.  Where the use of words and language are no longer needed and not necessary.  When asking Sam what makes this relationship so special, Sam had this to say, “It’s the look on her face and the expression in her eyes that tells me what she needs and that’s all that ever needs to be said?”  “Because I instinctively know what she wants.”  “When I call her name it just makes her face just light up and from that I know I have done something right!”  “I love all of my residents!”  “It is important for me to show them they still matter.”  I love that I can positively impact the quality of life for another human being.”   “Most importantly I want all of my residents to know I deeply care about them all from the bottom of my heart.”

When speaking to the daughter about her mother’s relationship with Sam, she had this to say, “Sam doesn’t treat her mother like she’s sick but instead treats her like she’s a whole person.  The daughter goes on to say, “Sam is everything to her mother because Sam can and does treat her mother like she would treat anyone else.  Sam jokes and plays around with her mother as if she was like everyone else.  Her daughter tells us that her mind is trapped inside of her body.  Sam is her mother’s eyes, ears, voice, arms, hands and legs.”  She truly believes that the relationship is genuine for both of them. “God sent her mother to Cloverleaf for a reason and the reason is because he already knew that somebody like Sam existed.”  “Sam will always have a special place in their family’s heart, and we all know that Sam has the heart of the resident and that’s all that matters to me, says her daughter Tina.”