Dietary Director of the Year 2017 | Janet Weis


Janet Weis Cloverleaf

I don’t know where to even begin with the nomination of my certified dietary manager.  Janet Weis has been with Cloverleaf for 30 years.  Janet has had experience doing several different positions in those years while continuing to hold her dietary manager position.  She has done A/R, A/P, HR, central supply and nursing schedule when those departments needed help.  Janet is a silent but critical part to our team at cloverleaf.  She never says no or doesn’t hesitate to find something on pinterest that will knock our socks off and amaze us.  We ask her to make cupcakes in the shape of a tooth she does, lemon meringue pie, sugar cookies of all different shapes, the most awesome mouth -watering beer bread you’ve ever tasted.  Discharge planners, people of the community, employees, residents and families look forward to our facility and community events because of the amazing food and treats that come out of our kitchen.  Janet is devoted to creating a homelike atmosphere for our residents.  Residents want homemade fried bologna sandwiches or BLT sandwich every meal that’s what they get.  Resident want peanut butter and pickle sandwich at 2:00pm its prepared and ready for him.  Janet Weis has complimented Mr. Mark Ide and his motto several times.  Resident first, Staff always. That’s why every month she prepares an employee bar for the staff.  Employees want Mashed potatoes, noodles, fried chicken and fresh brownies you can bet that the staff will see that on the bar.  On the many days she has had to fill in and cook Staff and Residents enjoyed her fresh strawberry lemonade or her 3 layer pudding desserts.  She always goes above and beyond. I often have found myself telling Janet you don’t have to do all that we will be happy with whatever you make but she does it because she loves to please others.  Janet is very selfless and devotes much of her life to Cloverleaf.  This past year on her birthday which fell on the weekend.  I came in to wish her a happy birthday her response was well I get to spend it with those I love and those that love me.  It brought tears to my eyes because we do love Janet and are Thankful for the time and devotion she gives to Cloverleaf. 

This past year was very hard on some dietary managers with the change in food vendors.  Janet did what it took to make it work and stay within budget.  She communicated very closely with our Residents, her staff and GFS vendor to make sure we got tasteful and presentable food that was within our budget.  There is no doubt in my mind that Janet Weis loves this company and gives 110%.  I with all my heart believes she deserves Dietary Manager of the year 2017.