Director of Nursing of the Year 2017 | Jenell Dixon


Jenell Dixon, Kendallville Manor

Jenell has been at Kendallville Manor since August 2011. She started as a part time RN and accepted the DON position in 2012. In a smaller facility like Kendallville Manor, the Director of Nursing often wears several hats and Jenell is a superstar at it!! Her emotional commitment drives her to work as a charge nurse if the scheduled nurse has a family emergency or when an unexpected illness arises; she has worked as a C.N.A. and her dedication shows every time she helps any department when needed. When she overhears a C.N.A. asking for extra help, many times I have heard her say, “I can help! I’ll be right there!” The nurses know her door is always open for brain-storming and clinical advice and they rely on her leadership to keep the department running smoothly. All these things contribute to Jenell cultivating a culture of excellence and service to the residents and families of the facility. Jenell never shies away from communicating with families to seek solutions and plans for challenging situations related to resident care, discharge planning, special needs or special events. IMG also encouraged and supported Jenell as she realized another goal of becoming a certified wound nurse. Her expertise is irreplaceable in mentoring the charge nurses with assessments and treatments with wounds. She collaborates with the nurses and physician to determine the best course for healing. Jenell is heavily involved in promoting marketing ideas and can always be found helping and participating in those events. Jenell checks for extra special ideas to start planning events months in advance involving the staff and residents both that will be fun for residents and staff and further the facility’s reputation in a positive way. Her creativity and energy are indispensable. She promotes a positive team spirit and is always looking for ways to make the staff feel appreciated. With all the regulation changes that happen in the world of long term care, Jenell never complains; she just soaks up the learning and eagerly studies the re-education options for the staff. Jenell seems like family at Kendallville Manor and we hope she calls it ‘home’ for many years!