February 2018 IMG Customer Service Superstar | Christina Anderson - Madison Health Care Center

Congratulations to Christina Anderson, CNA, at Madison Health Care Center!

Several families and residents brought it to Raelene's attention how wonderful Christina Anderson is.  Christina is a CNA at Madison Health Care Center.  Mr. Grady's son commented on how she took great care of his father.  He said "She was always in a good mood and would joke around with him."  He also said, "She is one of the BEST!"  Another resident expressed that she was always happy when Christina is working.  Another Resident, Bernice, specifically asked for Chrissy during her stay here for rehab.  She always wanted to know if she was working cause she really liked her.  Bernice said that she was really thorough with her work.  One thing Bernice really appreciates the extra time Christina takes to help her relax before bed. She said Chrissy was the best!

Thank you Chrissy for taking the time to make our residents at Madison Health Care Center feel special.  We appreciate the small things you do in your attention to detail that make a difference!