IMG December Customer Service Superstar | Tracey McRoberts

Congratulations to Tracey McRoberts, cook at Silver Memories, for being named the IMG December Customer Service Superstar!

Tracey McRoberts is our dietary cook and we have had the privilege to have her serving with us since May 2018.  She is being recognized for her outstanding customer service to our residents, co-worker, and even visitors.  Tracey comes off a little shy until you get to know her, but that does not stop her from serving other or offering any help independently on her own. She takes it upon herself to find things to do and people to serve. Tracey works hard in the kitchen with her daily responsibilities and truly enjoys going over and beyond to make special desserts and the recipes extra special with homemade sauces for her residents.

Tracey also helps her co-workers by picking up any extra hours she can to ensure the residents have good meals and get the nutrition they need. Tracey helps keeps the dietary environment clean and organized.  She never leaves a shift unless her kitchen is clean and tidy.

During special holidays and events, Tracey is always behind closed doors preparing food and will stay until all the dishes are done and the kitchen is immaculate. Tracey goes over and beyond with no complaints and carries a positive attitude even after a long day.

We are truly grateful for this lady, and all she brings to our facility. Tracey is homeschooled allowing her to spend her days learning and growing with our Residents. She always takes the time to listen to the residents and shows she truly honors their friendship.

Tracey also enjoys music, makeup, and shopping. She carries a free spirit, and is always smiling and laughing at work, and brings up others around her.  Tracey will also do residents hair and makeup during parties and events for our residents. Our residents and employees feel the positive and happy vibe she gives. Tracey has a smile that lights up a room, and our residents truly appreciate that.

We are honored to have this fabulous lady on our team to deliver the outstanding customer service that she does for our residents, employees, and visitors. Tracey is always looking to help others.  Her compassion and dedication truly show through.

Thank you, Tracey, for all you do and living the IMG mission of Residents First, Employees Always!