IMG February Customer Service Superstar | Tammy King

We are proud to announce Tammy King from Woodland Manor as IMG's February Customer Service Superstar!  

Tammy knows that good Customer Service is not just for the Residents, but applies to their families and her co-workers as well.  When several of the department heads all left without proper notice, Tammy knew that there were a lot of things that may not have been done.  She made a list of the supplies that the facility would most likely need that week and rallied other employees to keep an eye out and add to the list.  She noticed that the facility was not going to have enough wipes to get through until the delivery arrived, so she went to the store and purchased the needed item.  She continued to monitor the supply levels and made sure that the staff and Residents had what was needed to do their job.

During that same week, she observed one of her residents getting increasingly upset, yelling and trying to leave the facility.  Rather than focus on the behavior, she talked at length with the resident to see what was upsetting him.  When she realized he was upset because it was almost Valentine’s Day and he did not have anything to give to his wife, she went out and purchased flowers and a card and brought them back in time for the Resident to give his wife the gift.  She could tell that it was very important to the resident that being in the nursing home did not cause him to miss the holiday. 

Tammy also takes the time to get to know her coworkers.  She is a confidant to other employees who are going through difficult times and offers support and encouragement. Tammy also opens who door at home and extends her support beyond just work hours.

Tammy did all of this while providing great care to her residents with a smile.  She can be counted on to be there every day she is scheduled and is the first person to help a coworker when they need assistance.  For all of these reasons and many more, Tammy King is a Customer Service Superstar.

Thank you Tammy for living the IMG mission in your daily work life!