IMG July Customer Service Superstar | Brittany York

Congratulations to Brittany York, LPN, at Paris Healthcare Center!  You are the IMG July Customer Service Superstar!

If anyone would ask Brittany York LPN at Paris Healthcare Center to describe the PHC residents in one word it would definitely be “family.”  Brittany always goes out of her way to make sure the residents are well taken care of, have everything they need and know they are loved. Her dedication to the residents, her willingness to always pick up extra hours when needed and her love for her job are just a few of the reasons Brittany was named the Paris Healthcare Center’s Customer Service Superstar.

Just recently one of our long term residents returned to PHC from the hospital with the news that he will have to start going to dialysis 3 times a week. Brittany gave him a big welcome back and while talking with him she could tell he was upset with the news. She asked what she could do to make him feel better and the only thing he said was he wanted a milkshake. As soon as Brittany got off duty she immediately ran to our nearby Dairy Queen and got him a milkshake.

It is not uncommon for the dedicated LPN to buy birthday cards and decorations for the residents’ birthdays. She can be seen going down the halls trying to catch all the department heads and as many staff members as possible to sign each card. She decorates their doors and makes sure their special day is extra special.

Many times Brittany has purchased a bag full of goodies to donate to the Activity Department for BINGO prizes for the residents.

She not only knows the residents’ wants and needs when it comes to nursing but also their daily likes and dislikes. If anyone ever has a question regarding a resident on North Hall they know to go to Brittany York.

Thank you Brittany for living our mission of Residents First!