IMG June Customer Service Superstar | Annie Kaelber

Annie is a CNA/Restorative Aid here at Cloverleaf. Annie has been nominated for continuous generosity. Annie along with assistance from Kaitlynn Roe have spent their own time and money making these residents feel extra special. Residents have planted their own vegetable garden. Annie will use pulling, pruning, and weeding as part of their restorative incentives. The residents have made and ate their own salads from their garden. When the tomatoes are ready they will make their own salsa! How fun is that?! They love that they are working in their garden! Cloverleaf has also had family members giving compliments to Annie, for how well their relative is doing in their restorative programs, such as walking daily, gaining strength and endurance and overall healthy presence. This is a peace at mind knowing that the families loved ones are thriving so well. Annie also recently went above and beyond with assistance from coworker Kaitlynn to take a resident on a 5K through the tiger rescue center. This resident has been working vigorously with the restorative girls to gain endurance to perform this task. He is beyond proud to tell everyone that he accomplished his very 1st 5K with Cloverleaf Healthcare backing him every step of the way! Way to go Annie! Thank you for all you do for these residents!