Congratulations to Newton Care Center COVID unit workers and our dynamic duo from Yorktown Manor, Lauren Bailey and Ashlynne Wilson!  You are the May IMG Customer Service Superstars!

Newton Care Center

In light of our recovery from COVID 19 and to recognize the true heroes in this facility, our COVID unit workers. The dedication through this facility’s most trying and difficult times, facing the unknown, and working our way through finding avenues to care for our Residents with COVID is set the highest of standard of compassionate care we have seen.  There are not enough thanks for all the long hours, difficult days, loss and ever changing guidance that the staff endured while working the unit.  These individuals were never afraid, always stepping up and willing to go the extra mile for the Residents on the unit.  Even with the loss experience, we were able to celebrate so many recoveries of our cherished family, our Residents.  THANK YOU to all our COVID unit employees for showing up during a crisis and showing out with exceptional care for our Residents!

Yorktown Manor

Our superstar for June must be a duo. Congratulations to Lauren Bailey (CNA) and Ashlynne Wilson (QMA), both who have worked our COVID unit from day one! They put in many hours and long days.  Their goal was to set a routine for the first COVID unit to allow everyone, especially the COVID positive Residents, to have some normalcy.  We later had to add two more COVID units and the first unit set the bar for operating these other two.  They were never afraid of COVID and but rather embraced it and quickly figured out a plan of care to ensure our Residents were met with routine, compassion and support during such a difficult time.   During the time serving the COVID unit, Ashlynn lost her grandpa and Lauren her great grandma to COVID as well.  They continued to still show up for the Residents even in the  midst of their own grief.  Thank you both for your dedication, ownership of the care needed to run a unit, and commitment to our Residents! You are truly both superstars!

Excellent examples of employees who remained faithful to our mission of Residents First, Employees Always even through a Pandemic!