IMG March Customer Service Superstar | Lucy Mattingly


Lucy Mattingly, Social Service Director of North Logan Health Care Center is the March IMG Customer Service Superstar!  Lucy  has been truly amazing during this month of everyday changes we have to adapt to. As Social Services she has a full workload of assessments, talking with families, care plans, discharges, and the list goes on. With her smile and positive bubbly attitude, she has checked in on every single resident every day.  Lucy recently came up with a traveling flatbed St. Patrick’s Day interactive cart idea. She made it decorative and had snacks, four different games for range of motion, brain games, and prizes to keep them moving and grooving. Lucy has gone up to the floors every day to Exercise for a Prize, Room Bingo, Pool Noodle Hockey, and T-Ball. She helps pass meal trays and has managed the screening station for employees. Lucy and two other dept heads came together to do Glamour Shots with our residents which includes hair, nails, make-up, dress up clothes, photo booth all from donations from the community. Lucy not only takes care of resident’s well-being, but staff as well. She doesn’t tell anyone NO! Lucy finds a way to keep the calm, during this time of chaos, which displays her dedication and compassion to our mission - Residents first, Employees always!

Thank you Lucy for your loyalty, dedication and living the IMG mission!