IMG May Customer Service Superstar | Tammi Haak

IMG is proud to announce Tammi Haak from Urbandale Health Care Center as our May 2019 Customer Service Superstar!

In the last month, Tammi Haak has gone above and beyond to assist residents in providing transportation to/from various appointments and important family gatherings for multiple residents. The first example was when a nurse came asking about a resident who needed a ride to a late evening sleep study appointment. Normal transportation services do not operate that late, and the resident was in need of getting to this appointment that had opened up due to a cancelation. Tammi was notified of the need around 4:30PM that afternoon, and willingly offered to take the resident late that evening so he could make it to the appointment that had opened up at the last minute. She gave up her evening to work late after working a full day already. She also offered to get up extra early and begin her day the following day very early as he needed a ride back from his appointment around 6:30AM.

The next example of Tammi going above and beyond is related to a new admission to our short-term skilled unit. We had a young man (under 40 years old) admitted to our short-term rehab for therapy and strengthening. This resident received news that his father had also had a change in health status and was facing some significant challenges as well. The resident’s father was a little over an hour away. The only way our resident would be able to travel to see his father was via a large capacity wheelchair bus or vehicle.

So only a few short days after the resident admitted, Tammi offered to drive him down to see his father. The resident was able to see his father and returned safely to the facility. After returning to the facility that evening, the family received news that the resident’s father taken a significant turn for the worse and, had gone on hospice care and was not expected to make it much more than another 24-36 hours. The Resident really wanted to see his father one more time, so the day following the first trip to see his Dad, Tammi drove the resident to see his Dad a second time, knowing this might be the resident’s last opportunity to see his Dad.

The resident was not only able to see his Dad before he passed, but he was able to hold his Dad’s hand and be with his Dad and extended family when his Dad took his last breaths here on Earth. Tammi and the resident got back late that night, around 9-10PM or so. This is an opportunity that the resident could never have gotten back, and the timing and urgency was critical in this situation. Tammi drove the resident over an hour each way, 2 days back to back, so he could have these last critical moments with his Dad. The family had looked into other transportation options, but none of them were able to accommodate the resident’s needs.

Tammi also offered to drive the resident down to the Visitation service and the Funeral for his Dad, which was another 2 trips, back and forth each way, totaling 4 hours of driving and many more hours of her time which happened to take place during weekend hours. She gave up her personal time on the weekend during hours she would have normally been off to make sure the resident could attend his Dad’s services.

This gave the resident opportunities to be with family during important events he most likely would have missed without Tammi’s willingness to rearrange her schedule to accommodate these events out of her control. Events that required four, hour-long, round-trips in less than one week. She sacrificed evening and weekend time with her family, so this resident would have unforgettable time and memories with his Father during his last hours, and family during services for his Father.

Tammi definitely put our residents first in these circumstances and went above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service. Thank you, Tammi, for being an excellent example of Residents First!