IMG November Customer Service Superstar | Kelsey Houser


Congratulations to Kelsey Houser from Newton Care Center!  We are proud to announce you as the IMG November Customer Service Superstar!

She goes by many names, “Little Bit”, “Tiny”, “Hey you, come help me”, or Kelsey! She is always here, chipper and ready to help.  Kelsey Houser is our housekeeper, but she can be found assisting all departments!  She not only works the housekeeping schedule but in order to get her work completed in a timely manner she will assist the residents, the dietary department, laundry, etc.  She is never shy to lend a helping hand. 

Recently, after one of our residents had a fall, Kelsey stopped to put a pillow under his head, kept him calm and then ran to get help.  After other staff members arrived Kelsey assisted by retrieving needed supplies for those working with this resident, all the while attempting to keep this resident comfortable and calm.

Kelsey is great with the residents and other staff members.  She has volunteered to change her schedule when needed and face the obstacles her shift presents in a positive manner.  She is courteous and respectful to all she meets and always does the little extras to help out.  Kelsey deserves to be our super star!

Thank you “Little Bit”, “Tiny”, and/or Kelsey for always going that extra mile!