IMG November Customer Service Superstar | LaQuita Tyler

LaQuita Tyler a certified nursing assistant has not been employed with us long, but in her short time with us, she has shown that she puts Residents First. On the day she applied for her job here at Madison Health Care Center she was sent to the clinic to complete pre-employment pre-requisites and we later found out she walked to the clinic (not a short distance) because the bus had already run. And even though she has had to walk to work, on some cold days, she always shows up on time with a smile on her face.  LaQuita recently had a resident tell her that he did not have any socks. LaQuita knows that the facility laundry often has socks that can be given to residents however she went out and purchased socks; brand- new, just for him.  LaQuita frequently works our short-term rehab hallway but you can find her walking all over the facility and asking everyone if she can be of any assistance to them. The staff and residents of Madison Health Care Center are counting ourselves lucky to have LaQuita on our team. 

Thank you LaQuita for always showing up for our Residents!