IMG October Customer Service Superstar | Nadine Dure

Congratulations to Nadine Dure from Cathedral Healthcare!  You were chosen as the IMG October Customer Service Superstar!

Nadine has been a Nurse for Cathedral for a little over a year.  When you think of  bedside manner, you typically hear people reference it not always in the best light.  That is not the case with Nadine.  She has a very king and caring demeanor all the time.  Nadine is quiet, compassionate, and loving to all of her Residents and co-workers.  She was the floor nurse during a saturday admission.  Nurses do not always love weekend admissions but Nadine was great through the process.  The family had a good bit of anxiety as they knew their loved one would be passing soon.  Nadine was calm and collected with the family.  She spoke compassionately to the family, offering support and answering all questions.   On Monday, the Resident began to really decline.  The family decided to take him home to die.  Nadine called the physician, arranged transport, and helped to gather the belongings.  As the family was leaving, Nadine met them in the hallway to provide hugs to each.  I heard the wife tell Nadine that they loved her, and that she would always appreciate all that she had done.  Nadine’s compassionate caregiving meant the world to this family and it means the world to our facility.

Thank you Nadine for the love you give to our Residents and the integrity you display!