IMG September Customer Service Superstar

Congratulations to Keana Ison, student nursing assistant, from Silver Memories!  Keana is the IMG September Customer Service Superstar! Keana has been employed with us for 2 years as a Student nursing assistant. She hopes to continue her education and become an RN. Keana exhibits sincere Customer Service in all she does. She arrives with a smile on her face ready to go and leaves after a tiring 12-hour SNA shift with that same smile shining bright. Keana not only ensures her responsibilities are competed to the best of her ability but she is always going above and beyond to make our residents and her coworkers' life a little better. She has a natural instinct to pick up on what is important to the person she is pampering for the day. She will take the extra time to assist residents with shopping online to ease the stress of them not going out. She frequently arrives at work with special treats for the residents and staff to offer a special treat for the day.  She is one of the first ones to pick up the extra shift to make it easy on others. With the requirement to have symptomatic staff off for 10 days in our small building, it is pretty exhausting at times to say the least.  Scheduling would all set then someone is symptomatic, and their shifts must be covered. We would have 12-hour night shifts open, search for coverage, and Keana would volunteer.  Even after she had worked 4, 12 hour shifts in row, she would still fill in the gap for staffing. She smiles and says,  “I don't want you to have to work it."  It is with great pleasure to nominate Miss Keana to be our Customer Service Superstar of the month. She truly represents all the characteristics we love to see shine in the world - a heart of gold and a desire to lift others up. Keana’s smile keeps the facility lifted up even in these challenging times of a Pandemic.

Thank you Keana for always stepping up and keeping a smile on your face! We are fortunate you are part of the Silver Memories team!