IMG September Customer Service Superstar| Mylena Cotton, RN

Congratulations to Mylena Cotton, RN at North Logan Health Care!  You are the IMG Customer Service Superstar! 

“I would like to commend your nursing staff on the 3rd floor for their actions to care for my gravely ill father, Mr. Malan, onAugust 19, 2018. He had been discharged from Danville OSF NOT in stable condition. We were told we could transport him ourselves, across the street to your facility, using their wheelchair. After getting him into the wheelchair with difficulty by four OSF staff, we were able to transport him to you WITH MUCH DIFFICULTY.  He was unable to sit in the wheelchair. his Parkinson's Disease flared up and he could not sit or bend. Two of your staff were waiting at the door to help us in. MylenaCotton, RN was walking into your facility for her work shift. The staff got him into bed immediately. They checked his blood sugar within 1 minute of arrival. It was 58. Mylena began assessing him immediately.  She worked on him all night. She exemplified the knowledge and concern for dad's well-being far beyond a typical Registered Nurse. I worked many years as anRN in Intensive Care Units and Respiratory Care Units where details are of the utmost importance. Mylena has those abilities. She also had the discernment to notify the attending physician.  We greatly appreciate the care he received on a very difficult evening. Thank you and God bless your facility.” -  Sheila R. Blessent, POA & daughter of Mr. Malan

Caring for a Resident that has a family who is in the medical field, specifically nursing, can be a challenge to meet their expectations.  We loved hearing from a former RN that North Logan 3rd floor staff and specifically Mylena gave exceptional care to a critical patient!