Maintenance Director of the Year 2017 | Jeff Fehrenbacher


Jeff Fehrenbacher, Newton Illinois

If ever there was an individual that would exemplify the Maintenance Director of the year, it would be Jeff Fehrenbacher.  Jeff’s daily schedule may look somewhat like the following:

Clock in at 7:30am (Never mind he pulled up to the facility at 7:00am to check on his parents who are also residents here. And by this time a half a dozen staff and or residents have stopped him to make a request of a repair, a needed item, or to simply find out what is on his agenda today).

Begin the unending task of renovations within the facility, happy to have the freedom and ability to complete tasks to his satisfaction and to the high standards he sets for himself. Stop to assist a resident who can’t seem to get to their desired destination.  Begin painting, stop to change a flickering light overhead, resume painting, stop when the administrator asks that he take a minute (only a minute) to hang a picture or find a chair for a resident, begin painting (or plastering, or installing crown molding, or laying a floor, whatever he happens to be doing that day) Stop to engage a family member who is so thrilled with the progress of the facility and the beautiful surroundings he has helped create. 

Lunch time – it may be anywhere from 11:00am to 2:00pm.  Take a call from the facility about a sink that is leaking and needs immediate attention.

Return to work and painting or plastering or floor laying, etc.  Stop to join in an activity or to share a joke or crazy story for anyone who will fall for the unending punchlines. Stop the job of the day to check call lights, patch a gouged area on the wall, replace a toilet seat, run to the hardware store, call a supplier back, receive estimates to replace that hot water heater, adjust a brake on a wheelchair etc., etc., etc.

Time to go home but wait… one more quick job before you go.  Thanks so much, see you tomorrow. This is just the ordinary day for Jeff and doesn’t include the many times this department of one is called after hours when an alarm won’t shut off or the kitchen has sprung a leak.  Never a complaint from him.

Even with all this, Jeff is so very positive and takes such pride in all he is able to do for our residents.  The transition from the old facility to our “new way of life” was not always easy for Jeff.  But the change and dedication he has only continues to grow.  He truly does hold our facility first and cares deeply for the residents he serves.  He knows each resident by name and interacts with them daily to make their lives more meaningful and fulfilled.

We are so proud to consider Jeff the best maintenance director around.  Because of his involvement with others the facility has benefited in so many ways.  Thank you, Jeff, for all you do for us.