MDS Coordinator of the Year 2017 | Angela Keener


Angela Keener, Warsaw Meadows

Angela has been on the Warsaw Meadows staff for 3 years. She has an excellent understanding of the MDS process and works tirelessly to assure the documentation is correct and we are documenting correctly and thoroughly. Her audit score for the last MDS audit was 92%.

Angela is constantly reviewing documentation and on a daily basis brings questions and suggestions to the table. She clearly understands the CMI process and looks for opportunities for improvement. She will inquire about resident conditions and offer suggestions that possibly improves the reimbursement score.

She is always in a “training mode,” always explaining to all staff the importance of documentation and how their efforts can improve reimbursement.

Angela is very aware of resident issues on the nursing units. She has a first- hand understanding as she covers shifts on the floors when staffing is short. She also has a close relationship with the staff and families as she also come in contact with these groups.

Angela is always approachable and willing to be of help to anyone who need assistance. She has helped train in other facilities when needed and continued to stay on up to date on her MDS work.

Angela is always willing to go the extra mile when the need is to assure the safety and welfare of the residents.