Rehabilitation Coordinator of the Year 2017 | Katie Clodfelter

Katie Clodfelter, North Logan

To say it best Katie Clodfelter is one of the rare gems that you will find at North Logan Health Care. Katie is the Rehab Director at our facility and to say she does a good job would not be enough to describe the joy, happiness and effort that she brings to our facility.  We at North Logan Health Care can always count on Katie to be the life of any party and the positive vibe to every situation brought her way. Katie not only cares for the physical state of each and every resident here at our facility but she also takes time to support their mental well- being. Taking care of the heart, making sure that every need is met and that no one person gives up to early, can become a very tedious job. However Katie and her team strive on a daily to make sure every need is met and that when the patient leaves therapy they are not only impacted physically but that they leave feeling loved and ready for more. Always Ensuring that these are not just short moments in time but that Therapy and wellness become a life style for every person she comes in contact with. We are honored to work with such a well-rounded individual. Katie continues to show improvement for the better and works always to do her best. Katie goes over and beyond to exceed the expectations of our residents and staff members. So whether it be that you just need a massage to relieve the work stress or you need icy hot to take the pain away, we can always count on Katie to always get the job done and done well.