Our Employees Are Talking

The family environment IMG shares with all of its facilities is what I love most. We are all treated like family, no matter what level - local, regional or corporate. They are always willing to listen and help if we ever need anything. That makes a big difference in what we can do for our residents.
Joyce Y.
LPN, 34 years with IMG
I like what I do especially working with the residents. Working for a company like IMG makes it easy to love what you do. Their motto is residents first and that is why I have enjoyed coming to work for 35 years with this company.
Ruth L.
Restorative CNA, 35 years with IMG
Everyone at IMG has always treated me very well. They were always there for us (the staff) if we needed anything. I feel like IMG always cared and because of that we could do our jobs well.
Jessie B.
CNA, 40 years with IMG and current resident
I began my employment here at Madison Health Care Center five years ago. I started as an LPN and earned my RN while working weekends here at Madison. After I received my RN, I chose to stay at Madison because of my dedication to the elderly and their families, and we have a pleasant working environment here at Madison. There has never been a more appropriate motto for a facility than ours at Madison. "Residents first and employees always!"
Laurie B.
I have been blessed to work for IMG for 18 years. I have worked at Madison Health Care Center for 8 of the 18 years. I am very honored that Mark Ide gave me the opportunity to learn a new position even when I had no training. That to me shows that Mark truly cares about his employees and he puts his trust in them. Mark is definitely a man with a huge heart. Everything Mark does, follows his motto of "Residents First and Employees Always!" I can honestly say that I enjoy working for IMG and I love my Madison family.
Kathy G.
Office Manager